1 6 - P a g e G e m s C a t a l og F e a t u r e s S o l i d - S t a te Relays A n d Barriers

Gems Sensors Division, Plainville, Conn., recently published a new 16-page catalog describing solid-state Safe-Pak and Zener Barriers that protect instrumentation or equipment in potentially hazardous areas.

The units render non-voltage producing sensors intrinsically-safe.

Used within a system, they provide safe operation in hazardous areas. To be certified intrinsically safe, a device or circuit must be designed so that no two simultaneous failures can cause an explosion.

Gems relays eliminate the need for costly, explosion-proof housings and prevent power shutdowns. They are designed for use with sensors monitoring flow, pressure or level, or with motor/pump starter switches, proximity switches, on/off switches etc.

Included in the new catalog are: Programmable Safe-Pak Relays which allow optional sensing functions such as latching from a momentary closure, inverting switch functions, all programmed into a single unit. Zener Supply and Return Barriers are included which provide passive energy limiting to provide safe DC voltage levels. Latching Relays are included to provide a momentary start/stop actuation or differential control switching. Many other models are also described.

Approvals include UL, FM, CSA and MSHA, for Class I, II, Division I and II, Group A through G.

For further information and a free copy of the new catalog from Gems,

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